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Barbara O’Neal Books in Order: Complete List (+ Printable PDF)

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barbara o neal books in order complete list

Barbara O’Neal, a prolific author known for her emotionally charged and beautifully crafted novels, has captured the hearts of readers with her stories of love, family, and the healing power of food.

Her books are a delightful blend of romance, women’s fiction, and sometimes even a touch of mystery.

In this blog post, we will explore Barbara O’Neal’s books in order, providing you with detailed synopses, genres, release dates, and additional interesting information about each title.

For your convenience, a printable list of Barbara’s books and book series in order is also attached at the bottom of this post. I hope you find this list useful! ✨

Books in Order | Common Questions | Printable List

About the Author

Barbara O’Neal is a renowned author with over a dozen award-winning novels, including the international bestseller “When We Believed in Mermaids.” She’s known for her captivating storytelling and has received recognition on bestseller lists like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

barbara o neal author

Barbara’s love for travel and cooking led her to discover the Oregon coast, where she now resides in a unique beach house overlooking the sea with her British husband and their pets.

Notable achievements include “The Art of Inheriting Secrets,” a chart-topper in Australia and England, and “How to Bake A Perfect Life,” which won a prestigious RITA award. She was inducted into the Romance Writers of America’s HALL OF FAME in 2012 for her contributions to romantic women’s fiction.

Barbara is also an adventurous traveler, having explored various countries and tackled challenging hikes, such as the Camino de Santiago in Spain. She continues to find inspiration for her writing through her journeys.

Barbara O’Neal Books in Order

Barbara’s books are characterized by themes of family, friendship, adventure, suspense, and self-discovery. Her writing style has a cinematic quality that immerses readers in a diverse range of genres. Let’s explore her books in the order they were released.


No Place Like Home
no place like home book

“No Place Like Home” tells the unforgettable story of Jewel Sabatino, a woman who left her past behind to pursue fame, only to find herself raising a son alone with the help of her friend, Michael. When Michael’s health deteriorates, Jewel returns to her Colorado hometown, unsure of whether her estranged family will welcome her back. Her homecoming is marked by the warmth of family gatherings, a summer wedding, and the challenges of reconciling with her father.

But the biggest surprise comes in the form of Michael’s brother, Malachi, who enters Jewel’s life unexpectedly. As Jewel navigates the complexities of family dynamics and her own feelings, “No Place Like Home” explores themes of love, forgiveness, and second chances. Barbara O’Neal weaves a heartwarming and emotionally rich tale that lingers in the reader’s heart long after the last page is turned.

Release Date: 2001

Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction


A Piece of Heaven
a piece of heaven book

In “A Piece of Heaven,” Barbara O’Neal takes us to the sun-baked hills of New Mexico, where Luna McGraw has spent a lifetime haunted by regrets and trying to overcome the demons that shattered her marriage and cost her custody of her beloved daughter. Luna’s life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Thomas Coyote, a strong and resilient man who comes to her aid during a moment of spiritual enchantment. Luna is determined to rebuild her relationship with her troubled daughter, but she’s wary of letting another man into her life, especially one with a complicated past.

As Luna and Thomas are drawn together by an irresistible attraction, they embark on a journey of healing, forgiveness, and redemption. But it will take more than passion to mend Luna’s fractured soul, forgive her past, and heal her daughter’s broken heart. Set against the magical backdrop of the Southwest, “A Piece of Heaven” is a poignant tale of love, family, and the complex nature of relationships, masterfully told by a skilled storyteller.

Release Date: 2002

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction


The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue
the goddesses of kitchen avenue book

Juliette D’Alisa is a food writer and cooking instructor who is facing challenges in her marriage and career. She forms a close-knit friendship with four other women in her neighborhood, and together they support each other through life’s ups and downs. As Juliette and her friends navigate the complexities of marriage, motherhood, and friendship, they discover the healing power of food, love, and community.

Release Date: 2004

Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction

Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas
lady lucks map of vegas book

India, a successful web designer, has a hip life in Denver and an exciting long-distance romance with Jack, her Irish lover in New York. But when her father passes away, she returns to Colorado Springs to fulfill a promise to take care of her mother, Eldora. Eldora is a vivacious woman who throws India a curveball by insisting they embark on a road trip to find India’s twin sister, Gypsy, a brilliant artist living a vagabond’s life in New Mexico.

As they journey along Route 66, India discovers the secrets of her mother’s past, including her glamorous days as a Las Vegas showgirl. “Lady Luck’s Map of Vegas” is a story of family, self-discovery, and the bonds that tie us together. Barbara O’Neal crafts a narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of motels, diners, and the open road, revealing the beauty of unexpected detours and second chances.

Release Date: 2004

Genre: Sisters Fiction


The Scent of Hours
the scent of hours book

Nicole Bridges, reeling from a divorce she never expected, moves to a Colorado apartment complex known as “Splitsville.” With little money and work experience, she must rebuild her life from scratch. Along the way, she befriends eccentric neighbors and becomes entangled with an elusive ex-Londoner. Nikki’s journey of self-discovery is intertwined with her exploration of perfume, leading to a fragrance that becomes uniquely her own.

“The Scent of Hours” is a story of reinvention, passion, and the sensual world of perfume. Barbara O’Neal takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where the fragrance becomes a metaphor for Nikki’s newfound sense of identity.

Release Date: 2006

Genre: Women’s Domestic Life Fiction


The Lost Recipe for Happiness
the lost recipe for happiness book

Elena Alvarez is a talented chef who’s lost her passion for cooking. After a traumatic event in her past, she moves to Colorado to work at a cozy Italian restaurant and slowly begins to heal.

There, she discovers an old cookbook filled with handwritten notes and recipes, and it sparks her creativity and love for cooking once more.

As she finds solace in her culinary creations, Elena also navigates the complexities of love, friendship, and family, ultimately learning that the recipe for happiness lies within herself.

Release Date: 2008

Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction


The Secret of Everything
the secret of everything book

Tessa Harlow is a skilled hiking guide who returns to her hometown in New Mexico to lead a hiking tour. While there, she becomes entangled in a web of secrets, mysteries, and the complexities of her past. As Tessa leads her group through the beautiful wilderness, she also embarks on a personal journey to uncover long-buried family secrets and find love in unexpected places.

Release Date: 2009

Genre: Family Saga Fiction


How to Bake a Perfect Life
how to bake a perfect life book

Ramona Gallagher, a talented baker and bread maker, faces challenges in her personal and professional life. When her estranged daughter, Sofia, shows up on her doorstep, Ramona must confront the mistakes of her past. Through the therapeutic act of baking and the connections she forms with others, Ramona strives to find the recipe for a perfect life and repair her relationship with Sofia.

Release Date: 2010

Genre: Mothers & Children Fiction


The Garden of Happy Endings
the garden of happy endings book

After a tragedy shakes her faith, Reverend Elsa Montgomery returns to her hometown in Pueblo, Colorado, seeking solace and purpose by working in a local soup kitchen. Elsa’s sister, Tamsin, faces her own crisis when she discovers her husband is a criminal, losing everything she once had. Together, they find hope in creating a community garden in the roughest part of town.

“The Garden of Happy Endings” is a tale of renewal, faith, and the transformative power of gardening. As Elsa and Tamsin immerse themselves in nurturing the garden, they rediscover the joys of life and the strength of sisterhood. Barbara O’Neal weaves a heartfelt narrative that explores the healing potential of nature and human connections.

Release Date: 2012

Genre: Women’s Divorce Fiction


The All You Can Dream Buffet
all you can dream buffet book

Zoe, Delphinium, and Nadine meet in a therapy group for survivors of abusive relationships. They bond over their shared experiences and decide to embark on a road trip together in an RV, seeking adventure and a fresh start.

Along the way, they encounter challenges, unexpected friendships, and the healing power of travel. Each woman has her own dreams and goals, and this journey helps them discover the strength to pursue them.

Release Date: 2014

Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction


The Art of Inheriting Secrets
the art of inheriting secrets book

Olivia Shaw inherits a centuries-old English estate and a title after her mother’s death. She leaves San Francisco to unravel the mystery behind her mother’s hidden past, discovering unimaginable secrets hidden within the estate’s peeling wallpaper and lush green vines. As Olivia begins to rebuild her life, she finds love in the charming English village, but she must first untangle the secrets of her past.

Release Date: 2018

Genre: Mystery


When We Believed in Mermaids
when we believed in mermaids book

Kit believes her sister Josie died in a terrorist attack years ago, but when she sees her on the news, her world is upended.

She goes to New Zealand to find Josie and begins a journey filled with memories of their past, days on the beach, a lost teenage boy who became family, and a traumatic event that has haunted them.

To reunite, they must unearth long-buried secrets and face a devastating truth that has kept them apart.

Genre: Sisters Fiction

Release Date: 2019


The Lost Girls of Devon
the lost girls of devon book

Zoe Winters returns to her hometown in Devon, England, after her grandmother’s death. As she reconnects with her estranged family and the coastal community she left behind, Zoe becomes entangled in family secrets, a missing persons case, and unresolved mysteries from her childhood. This novel explores the bonds of family and friendship, as well as the enduring impact of past decisions on the present.

Release Date: 2020

Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction


Write My Name Across the Sky
write my name across the sky book

Life’s beautiful for seventy-something influencer Gloria Rose, with her Upper West Side loft and scores of Instagram followers, until she learns her old flame has been arrested for art theft and forgery. She decides to flee, but her plan becomes complicated when her nieces, Willow and Sam, face their own crises.

Willow, overshadowed by her mother’s fame, returns home after a failed album and disastrous relationship. Sam, independent but struggling, faces losing her video game company and the man she loves.

As the FBI closes in, the three women must reckon with their interwoven traumas, past loves, and looming consequences that could either destroy their futures or bring them closer than ever.

Genre: Sisters Fiction

Release Date: 2021


This Place of Wonder
this place of wonder book

In the wake of a personal tragedy, four women face the past, their futures, and each other’s presence in a novel of broken ties and healing. Famed chef Augustus Beauvais passes away, leaving behind a celebrated reputation and four women grappling with loss, anger, pain, and questions about the world without him.

These women are Meadow, his ex-wife still holding a place for him in her heart; Maya, his estranged daughter ready to reclaim her life after rehab; Norah, his latest girlfriend whose life of luxury vanishes with Augustus, and Rory, Meadow’s daughter, the voice of calm and reason. As they are brought together by tragedy, they must accept or turn away from the legacy of great intentions and bad decisions Augustus left behind.

Set on the stunning California coastline, “This Place of Wonder” is an emotional, lush, and empowering story of four women finding their way in a changed world.

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Release Date: 2022


The Starfish Sisters

In “The Starfish Sisters,” Barbara O’Neal explores the intricate bonds of female friendship through the lives of Phoebe and Suze. Growing up in a picturesque coastal town in Oregon, they were closer than sisters until long-held secrets strained their relationship. Decades later, Suze, a famous actress seeking refuge, returns to their hometown, and Phoebe, a successful illustrator, grapples with the return of her old friend and the unspoken truths between them.

This emotionally charged novel delves into the complexities of friendship, heartbreak, and the strength of women. As Phoebe and Suze confront their past, “The Starfish Sisters” unfolds as a moving story of healing, resilience, and the enduring power of female connections.

Release Date: 2023

Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction

Common questions

If you’re new to Barbara O’Neal’s novels or just curious about her work, you might have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate her books and her writing journey:

What is Barbara O’Neal known for as an author?

Barbara O’Neal is known for her compelling and emotionally rich storytelling. Her novels often explore themes of family, love, healing, and personal growth. Her writing style is characterized by vivid descriptions, well-developed characters, and a knack for creating a strong sense of place, whether it’s in the Colorado mountains or a bustling New Orleans kitchen.

Are Barbara O’Neal’s books part of any series, or are they all standalone novels?

Barbara O’Neal’s books are primarily standalone novels. While she has written series in the past, most of her works can be enjoyed independently, allowing readers to pick up any of her novels without feeling lost in a larger narrative.

Which Barbara O’Neal book is the best place to start for someone new to her work?

A great starting point for newcomers to Barbara O’Neal’s work is “The Lost Recipe for Happiness.” This novel combines food, romance, and self-discovery, which are recurring themes in her books. It’s a heartwarming story that showcases her writing style and storytelling prowess.

How can I stay updated on Barbara O’Neal’s upcoming releases?

To stay updated on Barbara O’Neal’s upcoming releases and news, you can visit her official website, and subscribe to her newsletter there.

Are there any movies or TV adaptations based on Barbara O’Neal’s books?

As of 2024 there are no known movie or TV adaptations of Barbara O’Neal’s novels. However, it’s always a good idea to check the latest news and announcements for any potential adaptations.

What genres does Barbara O’Neal typically write in?

Barbara O’Neal primarily writes in the genres of contemporary fiction and women’s fiction. Her novels often blend elements of romance, family drama, and self-discovery, making them appealing to a broad range of readers.

Are there any recurring themes or elements in Barbara O’Neal’s novels?

Some recurring themes in Barbara O’Neal’s novels include the healing power of food, the importance of family and community, the journey of self-discovery, and the transformative nature of love. Her books often feature strong female protagonists who undergo personal growth and transformation.

Do I need to read Barbara O’Neal’s books in a specific order, or can I pick them up randomly?

Barbara O’Neal’s books can be enjoyed in any order, as they are mostly standalone novels. Each book tells a complete story with its own set of characters and conflicts, so you can choose to read them in any sequence that piques your interest.

Are Barbara O’Neal’s books suitable for young adult readers, or are they primarily for adults?

Barbara O’Neal’s books are primarily intended for an adult audience. While they do not contain explicit content, the themes and subject matter are typically geared towards mature readers.

What sets Barbara O’Neal apart from other authors in her genre?

What distinguishes Barbara O’Neal is her ability to infuse her novels with rich, sensory details and evoke a strong sense of place. Her characters are relatable and undergo genuine growth, and her narratives often revolve around the healing power of love, food, and community. These elements combine to create a unique reading experience that resonates deeply with her audience.

How many books has Barbara O’Neal written?

As of 2024, Barbara O’Neal, has written a total of over 20 novels to her name.

What nationality is Barbara O’Neill?

Barbara O’Neal is an American author, so her nationality is American.

What is the name of Barbara O’Neal’s pseudonym?

Barbara O’Neal also writes under the pseudonym Barbara Samuel. Under this pen name, she has authored additional books in various genres, including romance and historical fiction.

Who is Patrick O’Neal’s wife?

Patrick O’Neal, the actor, was married to Cynthia Baxter, but he had multiple marriages during his lifetime. However, there is no known connection between Patrick O’Neal and Barbara O’Neal, the novelist.

Printable List

Prefer a handy, offline reference for Barbara O’Neal’s books? Look no further!

Download and print this curated list to keep track of your reading journey through Barbara O’Neal’s captivating stories. It’s the perfect companion for any book lover.

Final thoughts

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll have the perfect roadmap to navigate Barbara O’Neal’s bibliography.

From heartwarming romances to captivating family dramas and delectable culinary tales, Barbara O’Neal’s works offer a delightful journey through the complexities of life and love.

Whether you’re new to her writing or a longtime fan, having her books neatly lined up on your shelf or e-reader will ensure you never miss a moment of her enchanting storytelling.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Barbara O’Neal’s books in order.

Happy reading! ❤️