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Kirsten Miller Books in Order: Complete List (+ Printable PDF)

kirsten miller books in order complete list

Kirsten Miller is a talented author known for her captivating storytelling and a knack for weaving intriguing narratives.

If you’re planning to dive into her works, it’s always a good idea to start with her books in the order they were published.

Here’s a detailed guide to Kirsten Miller’s books, along with brief synopses and additional interesting details where available.

Books in Order | Common Questions | Printable List

Kirsten Miller Books in Order

Kirsten Miller’s books are characterized by themes of family, friendship, adventure, suspense, and self-discovery. Her writing style has a cinematic quality that immerses readers in a diverse range of genres. Let’s explore her books in the order they were released.

Eternal Ones Series


The Eternal Ones

Genre: Paranormal Romance

In The Eternal Ones, we meet Haven Moore, a young girl plagued by vivid visions of a past life in New York and a tragic love affair with a boy named Ethan.

Her present-day life in Snope City, Tennessee, is far from ideal, living with her widowed mother in her stern grandmother’s house. When a series of inexplicable events forces her to flee to New York, Haven encounters Iain Morrow and embarks on a passionate yet perilous romance.

As she delves deeper into the Ouroboros Society, she unravels the mysteries of her past lives and loves. The book blends romance, reincarnation, and suspense into an enthralling tale.


All You Desire

Genre: Paranormal Romance

In the sequel to The Eternal Ones, All You Desire continues Haven Moore’s journey. She and Iain Morrow are living a blissful life in Rome, far from the Ouroboros Society and its enigmatic leader. However, their paradise shatters when Haven’s best friend, Beau, mysteriously disappears.

The couple returns to New York, where they encounter the Horae, an underground group of women with a vendetta against Adam Rosier, a key figure in Haven’s past lives.

The Horae offer to help Haven find Beau but at a steep price – she must infiltrate the Ouroboros Society and lure Adam Rosier into a trap. This thrilling sequel delves deeper into the intricacies of reincarnation and the challenges of love across lifetimes.

Kiki Strike Series


Inside the Shadow City

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

In Inside the Shadow City, Kirsten Miller introduces us to Ananke Fishbein, an ordinary 13-year-old girl living in New York City. Her life takes a turn when she befriends the enigmatic Kiki Strike, a girl with ambitions of becoming “dangerous.”

Kiki recruits six girls from different schools, each with unique skills, to explore the hidden passages beneath New York City.

This thrilling adventure, complete with excerpts like “How to be a Master of Disguise,” immerses readers in a world where New York City becomes an astonishing playground filled with secrets.


The Empress’s Tomb

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

In the second installment of the Kiki Strike series, The Empress’s Tomb, Ananke and her group of friends face new challenges in New York City. From mysterious giant squirrels to haunted mansions and their own secrets, the Irregulars are in for another adventure.

With wit and courage, they tackle everything from rescuing kidnapped children to awakening ancient empresses at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This book continues the series’ theme of hidden wonders in the bustling city.


The Darkness Dwellers

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

In the third and final book of the Kiki Strike series, The Darkness Dwellers, Ananke, Kiki, Betty, and the rest of the Irregulars embark on a fast-paced international pursuit. This time, they venture underground in Paris to track down treacherous royals responsible for the death of Kiki’s parents.

With a touch of romance, humor, and bravery, the Irregulars hone their exceptional skills to face new challenges and save the day.

Last Reality Series



Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Co-authored with Jason Segel, “Otherworld” introduces readers to a future where a virtual reality game named Otherworld offers sensations beyond imagination. It’s a place where people can experience their deepest desires, unbound by rules and laws.

The story follows Simon, who discovers the dark side of Otherworld when he learns that it can trap people and alter reality. As Simon battles to save two worlds, the novel raises thought-provoking questions about technology and its allure.



Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

In the second book of the Last Reality series, OtherEarth, Simon and his friends face new challenges as they confront a tech corporation that has created a deadly augmented-reality game called OtherEarth.

With technology blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, Simon must navigate a perilous path to stop the corporation’s sinister plans. This installment builds on the themes of the first book, offering an action-packed and thought-provoking experience.



Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

The final book in the Last Reality series, OtherLife, sees Simon, Kat, Busara, and Elvis on the run from the tech corporation known as the Company. The corporation is determined to harness the power of virtual reality to become a global superpower.

As the friends fight back, they discover a new threat – the Company’s latest creation, an augmented-reality game called OtherEarth. This installment continues to explore the consequences of technology and the battle to save both virtual and real worlds.

Nightmares! Series



Genre: Middle Grade, Horror

Co-authored with Jason Segel, Nightmares! introduces us to Charlie Laird, a boy plagued by terrifying nightmares. When these nightmares begin to spill into the waking world, Charlie realizes that he must confront his fears to save his town.

The book combines humor and horror in a tale reminiscent of classics like “Coraline” and “Monsters, Inc.” It’s a thrilling adventure about bravery and facing the things that go bump in the night.


Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic

Genre: Middle Grade, Horror

In the sequel, Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic, Charlie Laird’s life is far from normal. With new challenges and strange occurrences in his town, he must dive deeper into the mysteries of the Netherworld.

The book continues the adventures of Charlie and his friends as they battle eerie foes and try to put an end to the nightmares plaguing their lives.


Nightmares! The Lost Lullaby

Genre: Middle Grade, Horror

In the third and final installment of the Nightmares! series, Nightmares! The Lost Lullaby, Charlie Laird faces a new set of challenges.

A new girl arrives in town, and strange occurrences keep happening after dark. Charlie’s nightmares return with a vengeance, and he must unravel their mysteries to restore peace.

This book ties up the series with a blend of humor, horror, and heartwarming moments.

Standalone Novels


How to Lead a Life of Crime

Genre: Young Adult, Thriller

Kirsten Miller’s standalone novel, How to Lead a Life of Crime, takes readers to the exclusive Mandel Academy in New York City.

This academy has been training young criminals for over a century, and only the most ruthless students graduate. Flick, a teenage pickpocket, becomes a part of this dark world and rises to the top of his class.

However, when an old flame reappears in his life, they are faced with a grim ultimatum – only one of them can graduate. This gripping thriller explores the complexities of morality and the consequences of one’s choices.


Don’t Tell a Soul

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

In “Don’t Tell a Soul,” Kirsten Miller takes readers to the eerie town of Louth, where Bram’s family relocates to escape a scandal in her past.

Louth holds dark secrets, including legends of the “Dead Girls” and a haunted house that preys on the town’s weakest residents.

Bram is determined to uncover the truth behind these mysteries, but her investigation takes her into a perilous journey filled with chilling discoveries and unexpected alliances.


The Change

Genre: Dystopian Fiction/Thriller

The Change is a gripping dystopian thriller that explores a world where a mysterious phenomenon has altered humanity. People wake up one day to discover they possess extraordinary abilities that can range from the incredible to the dangerous.

These newfound powers lead to societal upheaval and chaos as governments struggle to control and understand the implications of the Change.

In the midst of this global transformation, the story follows a diverse cast of characters as they navigate the complexities of their changed world. Some use their abilities for good, while others seek power and dominance.

As tensions rise and alliances shift, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and the characters must confront difficult choices and moral dilemmas.

Non-Fiction Books


Everything You Need to Know about Nightmares! and How to Defeat Them

This is a guide filled with tips, behind-the-scenes information, and insights related to the Nightmares! series.


Everything You Need to Know When You Are 8

Everything You Need to Know When You Are 8 is an informative and engaging guidebook designed for young readers who are stepping into the exciting world of being eight years old.

Filled with fun facts, practical tips, and entertaining anecdotes, this book covers a wide range of topics relevant to eight-year-olds, from school and friends to hobbies and adventures.

With a friendly and relatable tone, Kirsten Miller offers advice and insights that make this book a delightful companion for kids navigating the challenges and joys of being eight.

Everything You Need to Know When You Are 9

For those who are about to turn nine, Everything You Need to Know When You Are 9 is a fantastic resource that explores the unique experiences and interests of kids at this age.

Kirsten Miller delves into subjects such as school, family, hobbies, and the world around us, providing valuable information and interesting tidbits that will engage young readers.

Whether it’s advice on making new friends, trying new activities, or understanding the natural world, this book offers a fun and informative guide to being nine years old.


Everything You Need to Know When You Are 10

Everything You Need to Know When You Are 10 is the perfect handbook for kids on the cusp of double digits. Kirsten Miller takes readers on an exciting journey through the world of ten-year-olds, covering a wide range of topics from school and relationships to hobbies and adventures.

With a mix of practical advice and intriguing facts, this book provides valuable insights and guidance for navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with reaching the age of ten.

It’s a companion that will both inform and entertain as young readers embark on their next chapter in life.




Kirsten Miller contributed to this anthology of short stories. Cornered is a compelling YA fiction anthology that delves into the various forms of bullying experienced by teenagers today.

Through fourteen gripping stories, it explores the harsh realities of social, emotional, physical, psychological, and sexual bullying. In an age where bullying extends beyond physical boundaries to social media and smartphones, this book sheds light on the challenges faced by young people.

Common questions

If you’re new to Kirsten Miller’s novels or just curious about her work, you might have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate her books and her writing journey:

1. What is the correct order to read Kirsten Miller’s books?

Kirsten Miller’s books can be enjoyed in various orders, depending on your preference, so there’s no correct order. If you’re a fan of series, start with The Eternal Ones series, or if you’d like to read her standalone novels, How to Lead a Life of Crime is a great choice, while The Change is her latest novel as of 2023.

2. Are Kirsten Miller’s books part of a series or standalone novels?

Kirsten Miller has written both series and standalone novels. Her series include The Eternal Ones, Kiki Strike, Last Reality, and Nightmares! while she has also penned standalone novels like How to Lead a Life of Crime, Don’t Tell a Soul, and The Change.

3. How many books has Kirsten Miller written?

Kirsten Miller has written a diverse range of books, totaling 18 novels across various genres, from young adult fiction to non-fiction. Her extensive bibliography offers something for every reader.

4. What are some similar authors or books to Kirsten Miller’s writing style?

If you enjoy Kirsten Miller’s writing style, you might also like books by authors such as Lee Kelly, Jennifer Brown, and Elizabeth Miles, who delve into themes of suspense, adventure, and self-discovery. Additionally, if you appreciate young adult fiction with a touch of mystery and fantasy, you may find her work reminiscent of authors like Libba Bray and Cassandra Clare.

Printable List

Happy reading! ❤️