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Reminders of Him – Detailed Character Analysis & Description

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Colleen Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author known for her captivating romance novels that tug at readers’ heartstrings. One of her most beloved works is Reminders of Him, a poignant tale of love, loss, and second chances.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the characters that populate this emotionally charged novel, exploring their personalities, motivations, and relationships.

Reminders of Him Character Analysis

Here is a detailed Reminders of Him character analysis to help you keep track of the key players in this beautifully written and emotionally resonant novel:

Kenna Rowan

The name Kenna carries a Gaelic origin, translating to ‘one born of fire.’ Eager to secure a second chance, Kenna attributes her entire character to a single error in judgment: during a moment of intoxication, she failed to realize that Scotty was still alive after her drunk driving accident, mistakenly believing she had just killed the man she loved.

Her life since that tragic mistake has been a relentless trial. Five years behind bars, distant from a child she barely knows, isolated from her friends, and shunned by her community, Kenna returns fully aware of the odds stacked against her. As Ledger observes repeatedly, there are no simple solutions. Kenna was indeed driving under the influence, but Scotty was even more impaired. She was driving too fast, but not excessively so.

She could leave town and start anew, but she doesn’t desire a new life — she yearns for her own life. Throughout much of the novel, Kenna masquerades as someone safe, someone else entirely, under the alias ‘Nicole.’ Yet, in the end, she is finally prepared to embrace her true identity as Kenna.

Initially defined by her lack of self-esteem, Kenna wrestles with her worthiness as a mother during her determination to reunite with her daughter. The psychology of a second chance is intricate because Kenna cannot erase the accident. At the tipping point, Kenna confides in Ledger, sharing the most agonizing letter she ever wrote.

This letter refuses to conceal her guilt or diminish her responsibility. Instead, it offers the only thing she can provide: a heartfelt apology.

This challenging act of openness proves essential for her freedom to reclaim her true self and accept the love extended first by Ledger and later by her daughter. ‘Now that I have forgiven myself,’ Kenna concludes the novel, ‘the memories of [Scotty] only bring a smile to my face‘ (318).”

Ledger Ward

In the realm of any business, a ledger serves a vital purpose: maintaining balance, preserving accurate and honest records, and ensuring that past experiences—both commendable and regrettable—serve as a foundation for future progress.

In Kenna’s case, Ledger touches her wounded heart at a profoundly emotional level. He recognizes her as the woman the town, including Scotty’s parents, has condemned as selfish, cold, and irresponsible. However, unlike the rest of the town, Ledger does something extraordinary: he delves into the entirety of Kenna’s being, refusing to reduce her to a single act.

Much like a meticulous accountant managing a ledger, Ledger acknowledges the flaws without dismissing the good. He grows to love Kenna for precisely who she is, not for who he wishes her to become. This sense of fairness and equilibrium defines his intricate relationship with his deceased best friend’s daughter. In his multifaceted role as Diem’s uncle, friend, surrogate father, and coach, Ledger sacrifices the conventional life expected of someone his age.

He cannot commit to a marriage that demands him to choose whom to love and whom to protect. His willingness to care for others showcases his inherently generous character. If anyone in the narrative has grounds for bitterness, it is Ledger.

Deprived of a promising (and lucrative) football career due to an avoidable accident—a parallel to Kenna’s own tragedy—he returns to his hometown as a bartender, content to assist the steady stream of misfits who frequent his bar.

With unwavering fairness, emotional equilibrium, and empathy, he extends the same understanding to the wounded Kenna that he offers to Roman in his battle against substance use disorder. Through his interactions with Kenna, Ledger undergoes a transformation, a change of heart that reflects his emotional heroism.

Scotty Landry

Scotty exists as a specter, more of a lingering ghost than a fleshed-out character. To his grieving parents, his heartbroken lover, the mother of his child, and his closest friend, Scotty remains a memory.

The happiness he once brought to those who survived him is now overshadowed by the harsh reality of the accident. Scotty has transformed into a source of sorrow, a tether to the past. Each survivor clings to some fragment of Scotty, using it as a shield against the complexities of the present world he has left behind.

For those he left behind, Scotty becomes everything they need him to be—a figure that encapsulates the essence of what they once cherished in his presence, now painstakingly crafted in his absence. He permeates the narratives with his haunting presence.

Ledger, despite his budding feelings for Kenna, cannot fully embrace his love for her, haunted by the fear that he is betraying his best friend. Kenna, struggling to step into her role as Diem’s mother and Ledger’s lover, remains ensnared by Scotty’s influence, evident in her copious letters to her departed lover.

Scotty’s parents, unwilling to release themselves from the confines of their grief, are steadfast in their belief that Scotty was superior to Kenna. In their world, the lines are clear: Scotty is their hero, and Kenna is their villain.

Only when each character—Ledger, Kenna, Grace, and Patrick—allows Scotty to be the imperfect boy he was before the accident, evolving into the imperfect man he could have become, do they find solace in embracing the joy of knowing Scotty.

Diem Landry

Diem emerges as a precocious and endearing child, captivating the hearts of her grandparents and Ledger alike. She gracefully weaves through the narrative, offering the characters a unique perspective on navigating a world that constantly threatens them.

At the core of understanding Diem’s character lies her unconventional dream at the tender age of 4: to learn fencing. This desire, both peculiar and revealing, showcases her distinct nature. Diem has no interest in T-ball; its slow pace, predictable challenges, and simplistic action fail to captivate her.

Born from the fervent passion of a youthful romance, Diem (a Latin word meaning “day”) embodies the blessing of each new morning. Unburdened by regrets and untouched by resentment over her absent parents, she approaches life with the spirit of a natural fencer—always ready to respond and eager to confront the challenges of each day.

After more than 300 pages of anticipation, the reunion between Kenna and Diem might appear anticlimactic. In a novel where tears flow freely, the scene at the Landry lunch seems oddly subdued. Diem calmly accepts this stranger as the mother she has long pondered about. Kenna finds herself perplexed: “Diem’s eyes fill with something, but I don’t know what her expressions mean yet. I don’t know if it’s surprise or curiosity” (305). It is both. Just like a skilled fencer, Diem maneuvers forward and backward, responding acrobatically to unforeseen events.

Among all the reactions Kenna’s presence elicits in her hometown, it is Diem’s response that serves as the novel’s guiding principle for living in an imperfect and frightening world, characterized by uncertainties, misfortune, and regrettable choices: “I could not have asked for a better outcome,” Kenna acknowledges, “it’s like I just get to slip into her life without so much as a ripple” (306).

Hope you enjoyed my detailed character list and analysis for Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover! Happy reading! ❤️


Friday 6th of October 2023

these aren't characters in reminders of him? Kenna Rowan, returning to her home town -- hoping to reunite with her daughter? Other characters. Kennas' exs parents. The exs best friend. No artist? confused if you wrote this about a different book by colleen hoover?


Friday 6th of October 2023

Hey Destiny, thanks for letting me know! Somehow I switched the blog posts up from a different book. I updated the post now with correct information! Let me know if you find this new description useful.