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Book Club Questions for Regretting You by Colleen Hoover


Book club questions for Regretting You by Colleen Hoover explore the meaning behind family, first love, grief, loyalty and betrayal.

How do we deal with grief? What does it take to give second chances? How can we let go of the past and move forward in life? What are the struggles of a mother when dealing with teenage love? How can we learn from our mistakes?

Regretting You is a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and a fantastic story love, grief, and family. The moments this story delivers are both heartbreaking and heartfelt, as the book explores regrets and second chances. This book is a wonderful introduction into the unique style of writing of Colleen Hoover.

The Synopsis

Morgan Grant and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Clara, would like nothing more than to be nothing alike.

Morgan is determined to prevent her daughter from making the same mistakes she did. By getting pregnant and married way too young, Morgan put her own dreams on hold. Clara doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Her predictable mother doesn’t have a spontaneous bone in her body.

With warring personalities and conflicting goals, Morgan and Clara find it increasingly difficult to coexist. The only person who can bring peace to the household is Chris—Morgan’s husband, Clara’s father, and the family anchor. But that peace is shattered when Chris is involved in a tragic and questionable accident. The heartbreaking and long-lasting consequences will reach far beyond just Morgan and Clara.

While struggling to rebuild everything that crashed around them, Morgan finds comfort in the last person she expects to, and Clara turns to the one boy she’s been forbidden to see. With each passing day, new secrets, resentment, and misunderstandings make mother and daughter fall further apart. So far apart, it might be impossible for them to ever fall back together.

Book Club Questions for Regretting You

1. There were many touching moments in this novel. What was your
favorite part of the story?

2. Early in the novel Morgan talks about how much she hates the swinging door
in her kitchen. What do you think is the significance of this door for the rest of the novel?

3. Where do you see the turning point of this novel? The car accident, the kiss shared between
Jonah and Morgan, or another part of the story?

4. Do you think Jonah did the right thing when he came back to get Elijah after discovering that
the baby wasn’t his?

5. Each of the characters in this novel encounter grief after losing a loved one. Where do you see
this grief and how does each character interact with it?

6. Clara and her mother’s relationship is very rocky throughout most of the novel. Do you believe
that is because they are so alike or because they are so different?

7. Do you think Morgan and Chris were justified in fearing for Clara’s future when she told them
she wanted to pursue acting?

8. What do you think of the relationship that Clara has with Miller Adams? Is it healthy?

9. This novel contains many tragic and emotional situations. Were there any moments that were
difficult for you to read or that you related to emotionally?

10. What message do you think author Colleen Hoover was trying to make in this novel?

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Happy reading! ❤️